Wine List

At Merriman’s Kapalua, we are committed to working with local farmers to bring foods to your table that are representative of Hawaii’s storied past and bright future. Our wine program is in keeping with these core values – we choose to support small-scale, family wineries who celebrate regional diversity and varietal integrity. In general, these winemakers employ sustainable, organic, and biodynamic methods in the vineyard and minimal intervention in the cellar and vineyards. Our list features wines that tell a story through vintage variation, terroir, and varietal expression - these are the wines we believe pair best with our Hawaii Regional Cuisine.

Due to the size and nature of our wine program, vintages, prices and availability are subject to change. Please call with any questions.

Corkage Fee is $35 for the first bottle, $50 for each additional. These are for bottles that are not offered in-house. See current wine list on our menus page.

Current   Wine List