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As leaders in the food and service industry, selecting and developing a team of talented individuals is key to our success. At Merriman's Restaurants, we encourage employees to learn and grow.
Recently, Merriman's chefs embarked on a culinary adventure to South Korea, where they were exposed to the ancient traditions of South Korean cuisine and culture.

"The most rewarding part of our trip to Korea was bonding with the other chefs on the other islands from all of Merriman's Restaurants, being able to experience these things together is awesome" - Chef Mark Arriola

"I was stoked to see how passionate all our Chefs were about exploring food, discovering new flavors and eating"! - Executive Chef, Neil Murphy

Here are the stories of a few of our staff members, and what they have to say about their career at Merriman's:

Marylee Sakas - Marketing Designer - "Who would have guessed that a part-time position as a "First Impression" at Merriman's Kapalua would lead to my dream job as a Marketing Designer six years later?" Read Story

Tiare Shim - Server, Merriman’s Fish House - "When speaking with Tiare Shim, a server at Merriman’s Fish House one can certainly be inspired to live life to the fullest." Read Story

Chef Neil Murphy - Executive Chef - ""I arrived on the Big Island of Hawaii in April of 2007. After years of working in New York City, making great money and working at great restaurants, I felt stuck in a rut. I was ready for a life change. " Read Story

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